Paper Description

120# Gloss Cove

120# Dull/Matte Cover

100# Uncoated Cover

160# Gloss Cover

160# Dull/Matte Cover

Coating Descriptions

  • Aqueous Coating We include this clear water-based coating at no extra charge when you select a paper with gloss finish. Aqueous provides a high-gloss surface that deters dirt, fingerprints and scuffmarks. It protects pieces such as postcards and brochures as they go through the mail and business cards as they ride around in people’s pockets.
  • UV Coating is a highly protective, ultra-shiny gloss coating that we apply over aqueous coating and then cure on a special machine using ultraviolet light. The solvent-free UV coating provides an extremely hard finish that’s chemical and abrasion resistant. It makes details really pop! On deep colors, it results in a stunning, almost wet appearance. Perfect when you want an environmentally-friendly and durable piece with a richer, high-end look and feel.
  • Soft Touch is a coating that gives your piece a velvety feel, while significantly reducing fingerprinting. Darker colors will appear more muted than lighter colors. In the past, people used expensive matte film lamination to achieve a similar effect. Although Soft Touch is a little more expensive than our other coatings, it offers an unparalleled look and feel, and is faster, less expensive, and much higher quality than matte film lamination.